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  Travel Insurance


    When you travel, you usually plan things like sight-seeing and shopping. But are you prepared yourself for some unforeseen emergencies such as loss of luggage, personal accidents, flight delays? Traveling abroad is a cherished moment for many, so make it happiest and safest by buying travel insurance as it helps you to cope up with any interruptions and acts like a constant companion while traveling.

Travel insurance covers your medical costs, trip delay, personal accident, loss of passport or luggage and trip cancellation. Many insurance companies provide online travel insurance policies that take care of emergencies during travel.

    ›  Overseas Travel Insurance

It cover travelers against hijack, baggage, medical costs abroad and travel delays, and loss of travel documents/passport.

    ›  Domestic Travel Insurance

It is specially designed to offer protection to travel anywhere within India and it involves coverage for permanent disability and death, medical emergencies, and checked-in lost / stolen luggage, personal liability and travel delay.

    ›  Student Travel Insurance

It needs minimum paperwork and offers comprehensive advantages with options of custom plan. It includes compensation for medical costs, study interruptions and passport loss.

    ›  Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizen insurance is available for those who come under the age group of 61 to70 and it offers coverage for cashless hospitalization and dental treatments.

    ›  Family Travel Insurance

It covers hospitalization expenses of a family related to luggage loss and several incidental expenses. Under family travel insurance, instant claim disbursement is available.

    ›  Individual Travel Insurance

Individual travel insurance protects traveler against trip cancellation, home burglary etc.

    •  Includes costs of loss of luggage, hospitalization and other incidental costs
   •  Additional packages to fulfill individual requirements
   •  Instant disbursement of claims
    •  Personal accident cover for reimbursement in case of death or permanent disability
    •  Reimbursement of travel expenses associated to ship, flight delays or train

Below is the list of exclusions on the insurance that you should note:-

    •  Foreign war or Civil War
    •  Self-inflicted injury, suicide
    •  Terrorism
    •  Participation in any criminal act
    •  Non-adherence to medical advice
    •  Participation in any sport as a professional player
    •  Under influence of drugs, narcotics or liquor
    •   HIV / AIDS
    •  Treatments of mental and nervous problems
    •  Participating in hazardous sports such as hang gliding, bungee jumping, parachuting etc

No matter how far you have to travel for personal or professional, once you buy online travel insurance, it will release all your travel related worries behind.

Rks Agency offers instant online travel insurance plan that offers 24*7 International Assistance.

Rks Agency provides the most convenient way to compare different travel insurance plans offered by varios

Genararal insurance companies. By comparing similar insurance products, you could save some handsome amount. Travel insurance plan depends on the destination you are going to, the risks which can occur at that destination and number of important documents & stuff you are carrying. Rks Agency is an online portal that makes the experience of purchasing insurance online simple and easy.